Effective Management of Malnourished Children Using Electronic and Mobile Phone Technologies

  • It is a pilot project of 10 months duration, being implemented in 4 Union Councils of District Bhakkar in Southern Punjab in collaboration with Integrated Reproductive Maternal and Neonatal Child Health and Nutrition Program (IRMNCH and NP) Punjab. The project is being supported by DFID under its 'Health and Nutrition Innovation Funds' (HANIF).
  • This innovative project will use mobile phones and electronic technologies to enable the monitoring and follow up of children registered in the CMAM program and counseling of caretakers which will increase compliance with treatment and regularity of follow up visits. Online entry, collection and management of data will save the cost incurred for hiring personnel and on logistics involved for manual data collection. Frequent and automated mobile counseling messages are expected to increase the attendance and regularity of management of the children at the CMAM facility and reduce the number of defaulting children.
  • Project Goal:
  • To contribute towards strengthening of Health Services System (HSS) pertaining to CMAM program.
  • Objectives:
  1. To improve the effectiveness of the process of identification and referral of malnourished children under 5 years to fixed CMAM sites in health facilities of the target community.
  2. To increase the attendance rate of identified malnourished children referred by LHWs, at the CMAM site.
  3. To reduce the rate of defaulting children registered in CMAM.
  4. To improve the timeliness of reporting and reliability of the data related to CMAM through the health facilities.
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