Thank you for visiting our website. Health Education Literacy Programme has been a major CSO with special expertise in Community Development and Preventive and Therapeutic measures for women, including adolescents, pregnant and non-pregnant women as well as children. Both health-specific and health-sensitive measures are applied.

Our Mission Statement very succinctly states our work- “HELP those who help themselves”. In other words, empower people in communities ( both urban and rural) to be able to care for themselves and speak up for themselves.

Over the last 30 years, we have been known for our work, especially in Immunisation, vaccines, and Nutrition. Our Organisation is working with Pakistan’s priorities related to the SDG goals We include research and detailed documentation of our work. We have developed our own formulated nutritional supplement for malnourished children which has been successfully used.

Our geographic areas of work have been in provinces of Pakistan, especially Sindh but also Punjab and other provinces.

In addition, we have worked with Early Child Development by using special educational play activities in our Pre Primary Schools in Karachi.

I hope that our Website is useful and informative and gives a comprehensive picture of our objectives, strategy, and activities.