Pre-primary education

Pre-primary education has always been a privilege of children belonging to upper and upper middle socioeconomic strata of the society. HELP is amongst the first non- profit organizations to introduce this system for the economically disadvantaged children, by opening its first such school in Neelum Colony in mid nineties. This was followed by similar school in Lower Gizri, Karachi South. Currently HELP is operating pre-primary schools in Pipri-Ghaggar,Bin Qasim Town and Neelum Colony, Karachi South runs in two shifts. HELP Pre-primary School, Ghaggar, Bin Qasim town, Karachi. HELP Pre-primary School Lower Gizri, Karachi. HELP Pre-primary School, Neelum Colony Karachi. Runs in two shifts Teachers and other staff for all the above have been recruited from the local communities and given professional training in Montessori and early child development. Additionally they are given regular training by expert teacher’s trainer. All the schools are highly popular amongst the local population and there is always a long waiting list for admission.

• HELP Pre-primary school, Neelum Colony (Saddar Town), District South Karachi

With philanthropic support from HELP, Neelum School works in two shifts. Around 100 students are enrolled

• HELP Pre-primary School (Zarine Islam Campus-Bin Qasim Town), District Malir, Karachi

Mrs. Shahina Islam and her generous efforts to sustain this school has enabled more than 90 children to enlighten with knowledge.

• HELP Pre-primary Home School, Ghaggar (Bin Qasim Town), District Malir, Karachi

Strenuous hard work by our teacher Ms. Shehnaz is making home-school a success in the peripheries of Karachi where girl’s education is still a challenge. This year 37 girls have been enrolled.